Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brown Magnet Bracelet/Necklace

This Beautiful Brown Necklace would go well with almost everything!! Nice dark shades of brown, and 36 inches long. This can be worn as a loose bracelet, cuff tight bracelet, anklet, choker, or long necklace. Buy two and create a set. Only $10 each!!

My Favorite Bracelet

I love these magnetic Bracelets! These are long enough to be worn as necklaces, and they can wrap around your ankle as an ankle bracelet. By my favorite way to wear this is tight around my wrist, like a cuff bracelet. There has not been one color that I haven't loved! My ultimate favorite is the multicolor pink (above), I wear it almost everyday! I have a Dark Blue, Red, Brown, White, and so many more. Looking for a particular color? Let me know! They only cost $10 each!!